What are the precautions for purchasing door and window hardware?

                  With the improvement of the quality of life, doors and windows are also upgraded for new generations! Today we do not talk about doors and windows, let's talk about how to choose the hardware of doors and windows, because to achieve the perfect function of doors and windows, the hardware can not drop the chain, let's take a look at several common doors and windows hardware accessories and purchase precautions!

                  First, handle

                  The handle can be seen in the casement window, and the window is opened inward and inward. The main function is to compress the sash in the window frame after the casement window is closed to achieve the sealing effect, or to facilitate the opening of the window when the window is closed. When choosing a handle, choose a handle with a flat surface, no burrs, a sense of weight, and a uniform coating surface.


                  Second, the hinge

                  The hinge is also used for casement windows. The material of the hinge is made of copper, iron-plated copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy extrusion materials, etc. It is recommended that you do not choose to use zinc alloy cast hinges when buying.

                    Third, sliding support

                  Sliding brace is a device used to achieve opening and closing and positioning of casement windows. It is recommended that stainless steel material be used when purchasing. The qualified sliding brace surface should not have defects such as scratches, sharp edges, and burrs.


                  Fourth, the pulley

                  The pulley bears the weight of the sliding doors and windows to ensure smooth horizontal movement of the sliding doors and windows. When choosing pulleys, we should pay attention to the material of the pulley frame and whether the pulleys use needle bearings or ball bearings. For the pulleys of sliding doors, we should choose the corresponding heavy-duty door pulleys.


                  Five or half moon lock

                  Half-moon lock is the hook between the fan, it is recommended to choose stainless steel or aluminum alloy.

                  Six, sealing strip

                  Door and window sealing strips can block dust and enhance the sealing effect of doors and windows, and are also good for blocking noise. In addition, the sealing strip has the characteristics of shock absorption, sound attenuation, sealing, sound insulation, and moisture resistance.

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